Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a guy made a coil gun at home, its pretty sweet.

YouTube user Jason, also known as Larsplatoon, has put together a fully functioning coilgun after two years of effort. So WTF is a coilgun? It sounds like something cool. It’s actually a gun that fires a projectile with magnetic force instead of gunpowder.
larsplatoon coilgun diy jason magnetic
It’s almost straight out of science-fiction, but this thing actually works. This coilgun is no toy. Using a large electromagnet, made from 10-gauge magnet wire, it delivers more kinetic energy than a .45 handgun, but less than an M16 rifle, according to Jason. If Jason was able to do this in his backyard with off-the-shelf components, you can just imagine what proper defense contractors should be able to do with a few billion dollars.


  1. Supported! Alos, this is awesome. Car-battery on back, twice as large capacitors, three times longer coils... !!!

  2. christmas present yeah.

  3. What the fuck, that's fucking awesome.
    Any vides of it?

  4. ah yes the coil gun (rail gun) this is the future of weapon technology, amazing how he was able to make a handheld one, we made one like that but it was too big to be carried

  5. Watched the video, its pretty sweet!!!

  6. Pretty sick Bro! I want one. added ya to the routine